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There are no words that will adequately convey the heartbreak that we all feel to this day and the tears that we still shed over the tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103 and the loss of its crew and passengers.

We encourage you to visit our pages, starting with Lockerbie Remembrances, and view the many new comments that people have left over the past year about the crew and the passengers.  Please feel free to add your comments as well, we welcome them.

In honor of Pan Am Flight 103, its’ crew and passengers, this page will remain as is through the holidays until the New Year.  Added to our website are new personal comments to Pan Am Flight 103 crew  member pages and two new pages, “A Synonym for Horror” and “An Interview with Suse Lowenstein” have also been added.  Each page is a most compelling and heart wrenching account.



Jocelyne Harding