Clipper Crew remembers Hans Rudi Vollmer

Pan American Steward and Purser 1979-1991

Left on his final flight October 2015


Hans was an avid participant on Crew Party, Pan Am, InFlight, and one of the first to join Clipper Crew.  He loved all things Pan Am.  A kind soul, he always did his best to spread happiness and positive thoughts while on this earth.  We will miss him greatly, his healthy eating tips, fabulous recipes, sense of humor, postings of the twins growing up, travelogues and most of all his opinions.  There were times when others vexed him, and being true to his nature he always let you know!  That was the Hans we knew and loved.  He was proud of his German heritage and so the featured photo on this page is one of the last photos he posted of the Black Forest in Autumn.  Hans had a great love of animals and adopted many dogs and cats along the way.  He especially loved his cat “Fat Fritz”.  In his final days he had found peace and light in his new home and seemed quite happy.  He will remain in our hearts.

Clipper Crew is compiling a photo gallery in Han’s memory.  Please email any photos of Hans you would like added to the gallery to If you have already posted a picture on Crew Party Pan Am, InFlight, that you would like added, just send us an email giving us permission to use your photo. 

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  1. Hans, it has been just over a year since you left this world for the next. I, as well as so many others, miss you more than words themselves can even begin to describe. I went through a rough patch after your passing, but finally back on track. Not a day goes by when you arent on my mind. Every milestone with the twins, i think what would Hans say? What would Opa Hans smile and words of wisdom be as they grow. Today was a special day, Rose said I Love You to me. Violet isnt far behind either. I wish you could have been there, but i know in my heart and soul you were there. I know that you are watching over the Rose & Violet from up above. Miss you & l Love You with all of my being Hans, Namaste!

  2. This is such a breathakingly beautiful tribute to Hans, one I know he would approve of. It is amazing to see just how many peoples lives and hearts he touched. He was obsessed with Pan Am and Clipper Crew… as he should have been!

    I am thankful I am getting to know many of you as well now. You all truly are quite a supportive group with each other. I never imagined that Hans loss would bring so many together. I never dreamed that the twins would have fairy godmothers from all over the world!

    Hans is missed dearly by all who loved him. Myself included. It is hard because we were together so much. You always have been and always will be a part of my family, just as I told you the very last time I saw you. Family is not just determined by blood, it is determined by those who love you, who are there when it counts. I told you how much I love you. I Wish it was not the last time… but there is never enough time with anyone, lesson learned earlier in life. Carpe Diem!

    We miss you Hans but I know in my heart you are flying again, now with all your angels with you!

    Opa Hans, please watch over our twins from above. I know you loved Rose & Violet dearly, they were the highlight of your life at this point, as you said yourself. It was my honor to share them with you, you were not only their grandfather, you meant the world to me as well as you know. Family.

    It is hard continuing life without you in it, but I know in my heart you would tell me not to worry about you. You would say that your energy is all around us… we literally just had this conversation regarding loved ones lost and where we go when we die right before you passed. And how much it hurts. Like you told me, death is painful for the living. Not those lost. Loved ones lost souls & energy are all around us, if we are enlightened enough to see it. I see you this time Hans!

    And of course, as you told me at a point in my life that changed who I am for the better,


    I truly believe in my heart that you are at peace, namaste Hans Rudi Vollmer…

    With all my Love & Heart,
    Leanne Roberts

  3. Hans war ein liebenswerter sehr sozial veranlagter Mann,
    der immer mit viel Humor und Hochachtung über seine Zeit bei PanAM gesprochen hat .
    Er war glücklich so einen großen Freundeskreis da gefunden zu haben.
    Vielen Dank Hans für die schöne und tiefe Freundschaft mit dir-

  4. We will miss you Hans. I didn’t know you personally, but only through Crew Party. I am sure you were greeted in Pan Am heaven by all “your” animals that went before you. We know you will watch over all your others from Heaven. Rest in Peace.

  5. I did not ‘fly’ with Hans but I did meet him for lunch one day in Atlanta after getting to know him on Crew Party. He was a funny, insightful guy with a lot of great Pan Am stories. We didn’t always see eye to eye politically, but hey, who does?? The Pan Am camaraderie was always there and we communicated up until recently on FB as we were both huge animal people. Fat Fritz was lucky to have Hans as a ‘DAD’.

  6. Although I did not know Hans Rudi, I felt I did from his postings on our Pan Am pages. Such a gentle soul, and animal activist, he poured so much love on Fritz the Cat, the twins, and the doggies that were in his care. His wit and charm made him who he was….fly on Hans, fly.

  7. So sorry to hear about Hans’ passing. He was so happy in his new home with his fur babies and I was happy for him. I loved reading his philosophical thoughts on FB as well as the delicious recipes he posted.

    I remember him from long ago and was happy to have reconnected with him on FB. Rest in peace, my friend and in your words, Namaste!

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