Meet Your Crew!

Pan Am Flight Attendants:

Connecting with each other in a spirit of community

Celebrating Pan Am’s History and the role its flight attendants played in creating that legacy.


Giselle Foresman, Coordinator; is the Founder of Clipper Crew,  and Media Contact. Media requests should be directed to Giselle at  She  is also an administrator of a popular private Pan Am flight attendant Facebook page.


Jocelyne Harding, Coordinator, Co-Founder, was in Publishing and Human Resources after leaving Pan Am and is also web coordinator.


Romlee Stoughton, Artistic Director, Web Coordinator and Contributing Writer,  brings his brilliant art work and technical savvy to our new site.

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Dr. Helen Davey is our Community Author, in addition to being a Huffington Post blogger, and well-known psychotherapist.

A special thank you to everyone who helped us behind the scenes at our launch, Anne Sweeney, Val Lester, Carmen Viola, Terry Foster and Teresa Webber. 

If you are a former Pan American Flight Attendant you are eligible to join our Clipper Crew Community!  Click here for our Contact Form and send us your name, the years you flew for Pan Am, and bases where you were stationed. It’s that easy!  Or you can send a personal email to