Take Off!




Gone but not forgotten – our beloved Pan Am lives in the hearts of its flight attendants. For three years, many of us have found a special place on a private Pan Am Group Facebook Page with over 700 members. We’ve shared memories, struggles, triumphs and loss. We’ve received wise counsel in the form of jump seat therapy, in times of need.

Now, it’s time to fly a bit higher, to refit the aircraft, upgrade the service and reach new heights. We are taking that Crew Party Spirit and presenting it to a wider audience with a new online community dedicated to these principles:

Connecting with each other in a true spirit of trust, compassion and community.

Caring for one another in times of crisis.

Celebrating Pan Am’s History and the role its flight attendants played in creating that legacy.

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Our Clipper Crew website is open to everyone, including the public and the media. Clipper Crew has no by-laws, no Board of Directors and most importantly, no dues. The goal of Clipper Crew is not to raise funds. Our primary goals are formally establishing the legacy of Pan Am flight attendants and keeping connected with one another.

This community was created as a direct result of many requests by Pan Am flight attendants to expand the Crew Party concept. We also want to be a resource for historical information and new information on Pan Am flight attendants and to have a readily accessible media center.

Here were some comments after we announced the formation of our community:

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman!  And welcome aboard Pan Am Flight #___, how often I repeated that verse…. what a great place to once again fly the skies with Pan Am.  Please save a place for me at the ‘table’ to join in the memories and fun, the compassion and support, and the respect that was once the greatest airline in the world!! Can’t wait to begin the journey with you all. Barbara Miller Stacey

This is a great concept, those were the days!” Catharine Magee Karsten

“I just received information about your new Clipper Crew, sounds like an outstanding idea long overdue. I am looking forward to such a group as many of my Pan Am friends are also.”  Patricia Lorenz

“I am excited and looking forward to the new Clipper Crew website.  Thank you for your vision and hard work.” Tilsia Acosta

To submit articles of interest to  Clipper Crew click here to use our contact form and send us your name, the years you flew for Pan Am and the bases at which you were stationed.

JuanPan Am founder Juan Trippe was a visionary, a leader, and a pioneer who created the world’s greatest airline.  He did this with the support of thousands of talented, dedicated employees who shared his vision and commitment to excellence. That’s his legacy and ours and as members of Clipper Crew we will share it, live it, and love it.