Myra Josephine Royal

Myra-Royal- Flight Attendant – Age 30

Hanwell, West Ealing, England – U.S. Citizen

Myra won much admiration from her flying partners as they recognized her special qualities. She was always filled with enthusiasm for her job and had a delightful and electric sense of humor. One colleague said of her “Her concern for passengers is second to none and rubs off on the other flight attendants. She had the rare ability to lend a kind and sympathetic ear to people in any situation.”  She was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Houston, Texas. She began her career with Pan Am in April of 1988. Flight 103 was to be one of her last flights out of the London base before transferring to New York. Myra was single and is survived by her parents Boswell and Eloise Royal, a sister Ana Ofelia Rodriguez and her brother, Winston

Click here to watch a video made by her sister.


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Myra Josephine Royal

  1. I Remember Myra from back in the day when she, Sheila,Margarita, Andre Chase and myself, would hit the Paradise Garage on Friday and then go to Studio 54 on Saturday; afterwards we would go to my Myra and rest on Sunday so we would be ready for work on Monday – sure do miss you rest in peace

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