Captain James Macquarrie

Jim-MacQuarrie-Kensington, New Hampshire – Age 55

U.S. Citizen

James Bruce Macquarrie, “Jim” was raised in an orphanage and went through USAF pilot training as a cadet. Jim was a pilot’s pilot in every conceivable way. He commanded “Clipper Maid of the Seas”,  the largest airliner ever built at the time, the magnificent Boeing 747. His experience in the 747 totaled 4,107 hours. He had the knowledge, experience, and temperament to handle any emergency. If an emergency was survivable, Jim was the man to have in the captain’s seat. His flying and leadership skills were recognized by his election as ALPA MEC and by his dedication to service in the Massachusetts Air National Guard. He also served three years in the U.S. Navy. A man of many talents, Jim enjoyed working on his 200 year old colonial home in New Hampshire and restoring vintage automobiles. Jim joined Pan Am in 1964 and was based at JFK. His son, Mike, was a 727 First Officer for Pan Am, also based at JFK. Jim is survived by his wife, Janet, and his two children, Michael and Pamela.

The Demise of Clipper Maid of the Seas
by Susanne Strickland Malm
“Clipper one zero three,
at level three one zero,
requesting oceanic clearance,”
advised the transmission
over Scotland’s Prestwick Control.
Cpt. MacQuarrie throttled back,
scanned the gauges,
affirmed the crossing
of the shining, briny “pond.”
“All is well!” chimed the bell,
oblivious, like the innocents
cradled in aluminum and
safely secured by seat-belts,
to a ticking terror
in the cargo hold below.
Pulsing Mach stem shock waves,
spawn of terrorists’ maniacal minds,
punched through the P in Pan Am
on the Clipper Maid of The Seas,
maimed at 434 knots,
giant wings afire like Apollo’s muse,
Cpt. MacQuarrie lifeless at the helm,
thumbs indented, clutching the yoke.
Wreckage rained on Lockerbie,
unwary sleepy Scottish village,
flaming fragments
of a proud Clipper’s voyage,
and an echo of
MacQuarrie’s final desperate plea
to save the souls entrusted to his care:
“Clipper one zero three,
at level three one zero,
requesting oceanic clearance,”
that never came.
Captain James MacQuarrie
Tundergarth Church Memorial Book
Capt MacQuarrie
                      James MacQuarrie 900px                                           From the UK daily tabloid newspaper, “The Sun”                                       Friday,  December 23, 1988

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Captain James Macquarrie

  1. Me and his son, Michael “Granite” MacQuarrie Jr were aviators in VAQ-135. I met his Dad once and was immediately impressed. I was utterly devastated when I heard what happened to Pan Am 103.

    RIP Captain MacQuarrie

  2. I was a pilot at Pan Am Express when this happened. So tragic and sad. Every year at this time I remember and reflect on Jim Macquarrie and the crew. Godspeed to all taken so early…..

  3. I met Mr. MacQuarrie at a welding class held in Exeter, NH in the early 80s. I was marketing low temperature welding materials at the time. He asked me to his farm airstrip to advise on the repair of a snowplow he had obtained. The snowplow was beyond help, unfortunately. He flew his private plane regularly to connect with his big one. I think of him often. I once encountered a crew member of the USS Vincennes at the Amtrak station in Seattle. Whether there was a connection is a question for history.

  4. So sorry for your loss.

    Godspeed and Fair Winds,

    From a Fellow Aviator and lover of the sky…

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