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  1. Teresa Webber
    April 27, 2015

    Hi Jill–you little doll!

    I’m so happy to find your vignettes of R&R flights here on Clipper Crew!

    Darwin brings back many memories, though I don’t know how any of us who laid over there can possibly have clear memories. Ha! But you’re so right in pointing out how much the crews needed relief from the stress and sadness that came with transporting our “boys”. It was the best of times, just as it was the worst of times.

    In addition to my joy at finding you after all these years, I’m thrilled to see what an expressively talented writer you are!

    I’m now back in Hawaii with my husband (plus five adopted Filipino street cats) after two decades of living in Asia. BKK was the BEST, as you can well imagine.

    Hope you and your loved ones are well & happy–and that you’ll continue to write for Clipper Crew.

    Much Aloha from Pineapple Land!

    Terry Haeger Webber


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