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Updated April 2016

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Coffee, Tea or He? This section is dedicated to the men of Pan Am.

Adventure Called


Neal A. Prince and the story of the amazing interior design of Pan Am’s InterContinental Hotels and a feature written by Anne Sweeney on Mr. Prince from the Clipper Employee Newsletter.

Send us your hotel stories, vignettes, memories and pictures!  We’d love to have them and would be happy to feature them on our website.


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  1. Fabulous – this is great – AND WE WERE GREAT !!!
    Recently I stated to someone I barely knew, that my first job
    was with PanAm – his reaction in a most “excited manner” —
    a 50ish person – YOU WERE A PAN AM STU ?? I did not
    know how to react – I was so taken aback !!

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