Stacie Denise Franklin


 Flight Attendant – Age 20

London, England – U.S. Citizen

Stacie, the youngest flight attendant on Pan Am flight 103, was, in the truest sense of the word, an airline’s best asset. Pan Am selected Stacie because of her obvious attributes. She brought tremendous knowledge and competence coupled with grace, sophistication, and genuine warmth to her profession. For those who knew her or just met her along the way, she was always ready to share one of her beaming smiles with a passenger or flying partner. It was Stacie’s desire to travel the world and meet new friends. And, despite her short time with Pan Am, she was able to realize much of that goal. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and came to Pan Am in April of 1988 from America West Airlines where she worked in reservations. She was single and is survived by her parents, Stephen and Donna Franklin, and her sister, Shawna.

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Stacie Denise Franklin

  1. Stacie was in my initial training class at Pan Am. As many of us struggled with the rigors of those 5 weeks, Stacie seemed to always have a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I remember admiring her easy going way! I am so sorry she did not have more time to fulfill her dreams.

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