Milutin Velimirovich


Purser – Age 35

Hounslow, England – U.S. Citizen

Milutin was born in Pisek, Czechoslovakia of Czech and Yugoslavian parents who immigrated to the United States in 1964 when he was eleven. He became a US citizen at the age of sixteen. He earned a BA degree in International Relations and European History from the University of Rhode Island and later graduated from a program in European studies in Vienna. He became an American citizen. An avid tennis player, Milutin also had a love for flying which was his main hobby. As a pilot, he was building hours, planning to move from the 747 aisles to the cockpit in 1989. In the aisle of the airplane though, his cheerfulness, energy, and enthusiasm earned him the respect of his flying partners and a steady stream of commendation letters from his passengers. He joined Pan Am in 1978 and flew out of the New York base before joining the London base in 1984. Milutin is survived by his wife Brenda, who is also a Pan Am flight attendant; his parents, Dr. Alexander and Elisabeth Velimirovich; and his brother, Sacha.


Milutin Velimirovich The Sun 600pxFrom the UK daily tabloid newspaper, “The Sun”                                  Friday, December 23, 1988


Photo courtesy of Sandra Levarek



Kathy Rhodes: I knew Milutin Velimieovich, the Junior Purser on 103, from Boston.  One day he gave me a ride home from the airport.  He was thoughtful, kind and had a joie de vivre, but he was also one of the worst drivers I have known, even by Boston standards.  His car was his A/C and he didn’t need a flight pattern.  I was so grateful to touch down at 2031 Comm Avenue.  

Sandy Sparby Clarke: I knew Milutin and Paul….. both wonderful people.  May they and all the others R.I.P. 

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Milutin Velimirovich

  1. I was shocked to hear of Milutin’s death; we were best of friends when we lived on the east side of Providence. We played tennis together numerous times. At that time he had crushes on Susan Thomas & Susan Wilcox.

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