Flight Engineer Jerry D. Avritt


Westminster, California – Age 46

 U.S. Citizen

Jerry began his aviation career working in Strategic Air Command and maintenance for the U.S. Air Force. He was hired by National Airlines in 1967 and then went with Pan Am when the two airlines merged. He had just transferred to the jumbo-jet 747s about a year prior. Jerry was a family man who enjoyed surfing with his son and traveling with his family. In the 21 years that he owned his home in Westminster, California, Jerry never used the services of an outside repairman, always preferring to do the work himself. His neighbors knew him for his sense of humor and mechanical skills and for his kindheartedness in helping them with their home repairs. He liked to be as knowledgeable about as many things as he could and he read a lot. The last book he was reading was about Chinese art. “He was just a real, well-rounded person,” his wife said. Jerry had already set his mind on opening a repair shop when he retired. Jerry began his career with Pan Am in 1980 and is survived by his wife Judy, and two children, Marcus and Angela.

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Flight Engineer Jerry D. Avritt

  1. I graduated high school with Jerry. What a gentle and creative soul. It’s a shame he did not get to meet his grandchildren. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  2. Jerry and I were friends with my desire to visit him during the upcoming Olympic Games. He was a very professional flight engineer who I had the greatest confidence in his decision making and ability. He had a special wit about him that made flying with him simply fun. I flew the Pan Am 103 the entire month of November with him and Jim before going to training in Miami.

    My deepest sympathy to his family. Today, November 2015, I think of him as if it was yesterday. He made the world a better place. I have missed him often and hope his family through the grace of God, has healed their pain and rejoice in his memory. Respectfully Submitted, Coleman Absher, Captain United Air Lines, retired

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