First Officer Ray Wagner


Pennington, New Jersey – Age 52

U.S. Citizen

Raymond Ronald Wagner, “Ray” was a former fighter pilot in Vietnam, and the co-pilot of “Clipper Maid of the Seas.” He was involved both in his local community and in the community that is Pan Am’s world. He volunteered strafing the 4th of July parade in his town and he generously gave his time to serve as a soccer coach and devoted all of his land for the local Junior Soccer League kids to practice their game. He was the president, manager, and counselor at the Penn Brook Swim Club where he was a swimming and diving coach, working with his two daughters, both Olympic-caliber divers. Ray was also actively involved in supporting an orphanage in Brazil and very involved with the Presbyterian Church. The family’s former minister, the Rev. Walter Coats, described Wagner as ”a very serious person . . . a natural leader” who was active in the Presbyterian Church and had managed a local swim club for several years. “If I could choose a pilot for a plane I was in, I would have chosen Ray Wagner,” said Coats. When he wasn’t in the Pan Am cockpit, he could often be found flying helicopters and jet fighters in the New Jersey National Guard. He was also a member of the Airline Pilots Association. Ray had an interest in Volkswagen Beatles and owned 30 of them at one time. His wife Norma had a red Honda as a surprise Christmas gift for him. Ray joined Pan Am in 1966 and is survived by his wife Norma, his daughters Jenni and Carol, and his son Raymond Jr.

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