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  1. Percy Harrold
    April 24, 2017

    I remember when Joyce Wertz along with other staff left Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital to go on this amazing flight. Today 25/April/2017 I refound this page today and read to my daughters Linda and Cheryl who were children at the hospital in HK and both are now nurses themselves. Seeing the photos they remember Joyce Wertz well.
    Thank you for this story here….we were all in tears reading it.)
    Dr Percy Harrold (staff doctor at Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital 1974-77 caring for Pediatric ward)


  2. Eleanor Karkhoff
    December 10, 2016

    Excellent article. I too was a new RN working at a new Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. We had short notice that we would be receiving 50 of those children. I was team leader of the wing we would be using . We had to quickly set up an isolation unit and ensure all staff followed protocol. Potential adoptee parents were calling from all over the country to check on the arrival.

    I am glad to know the outcome of these children because we were given very little information about them during this hectic time. I lived a few miles from “Little Saigon” for 42 years. I was grateful to be a small part in these children’s lives.
    Eleanor Karkhoff, MA. BSN, RN, PHN, (SN)


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