Siv Ulla Engstrom

 Siv Engstrom

Flight Attendant – Age 51

Windsor, Berkshire, England – Swedish Citizen

Throughout her career, Siv was actively involved in numerous charitable and fund-raising events. She was particularly dedicated to the “Save the Children Fund,” for which she organized, the always anticipated, annual Christmas Fayre at the London base. She had a wide range of intellectual interests and pursuits. She studied Chinese Philosophy as well as classical music and the theater. Siv also had a gift for languages. She was fluent in Swedish, English, German, French, and Spanish. She was kind and always ready to share her knowledge of her profession. Siv was a very spiritual person and would take anyone who needed her under her wing. She joined Pan Am in 1960 and was based in New York before becoming one of the charter members of the London base in 1972. She is survived by her sister, Lillian Villaneuva.

 Siv Engstrom The Sun 600pxFrom the UK daily tabloid newspaper, “The Sun”                                 Friday, December 23, 1988


Anne Sweeney:  Siv Engstrom was, indeed, a very remarkable and spiritual person. I remember that we went out to dinner – just the two of us – in Beirut. The conversation was far above the usual crew banter – because of her.  It made a deep impression on me. One of her friends, Mona Bratwall, was dying of cancer and so ravaged and sick, Siv was the only person outside her family that she would see. The idea of Siv leading the others into the light is something I can envision and believe.

Muffy Harmar: Siv Engstrom was the senior flight attendant and was Swedish.  I didn’t know her very well but I used to fly with her from time to time.  She was very intelligent and loved classical music.

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