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2 thoughts on “

Jocelyn Reina

  1. I met Jocelyn only one or twice. It wasn’t until sometime after Lockerbie that my friends and I found out that she had become a stewardess for Pan Am, and had been on Flight 103. Now as a baggage inspector for the TSA, Jocelyn’s memory adds a sense of urgency to what I do every day.

    May she always live on in the hearts of those she left behind.

  2. I knew Jocelyn Reina in junior high and High School. During the summer of eighth grade, she was on the alternate cast of the play Merchant of Venice at Walker Junior High School. I was bassanio and she was Portia. We had two casts. She was a very friendly and happy woman. I remember hearing about her death reading about it in the Orange County Register. To this day I think about her anytime somebody mentions the Lockerbie Scotland bombings. She went to England to follow her dream to be close to Shakespeare. She’s followed her dream. We will all miss her. Major Stephen Conway United States Army Reserve and Kennedy High School class of 1980.

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