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One thought on “

On The Plane

  1. Hi Jill,

    I’m enjoying your stories and can picture it well. I wish you had been on my trans-pacific flights from Travis AFB to Okinawa and back. I remember a very senior Stewardess on what I seem to recall was a TWA charter flight. I asked for a Coca Cola and she THREW the can at me from about 15 feet away!

    By the way, I’m scheduled to do some work at Travis AFB this Thursday.

    You also mentioned Cam Ranh Bay. I was there 5 times for 3-5 weeks each time, flying on combat missions on C-130 aircraft (49 mission in total) like the one I left Viet Nam on as a refugee.

    I really had to laugh when you mentioned the crew party on a small island off of Darwin. I remember a crew party once on New Year’s Eve in Manila where the Captain was crawling around on his hands and knees with balloons tied to his wrists and ankles. The next day it was all business as we flew from Manila to Saigon. Can’t do things like that these days! It was a better time then!

    Knowing what a delightful, lively person you were as my classmate at the University of Hawaii I can only imagine how much fun crew and passengers had when you were involved!

    Wonderful articles!

    Bob Ruseckas

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