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  1. Lynn Oberlel.oberle@sbcglobal.net
    January 31, 2015

    I want to thank you ladies for the wonderful memories you wrote. I did have a wonderful time writing them. The Warblers were fun. Thanks again for the Memories. Lynn


  2. Carol Crown
    January 29, 2015

    This was written as one of our Chapter Co-Presidents’ Letters

    Now come back with us to the time when the International Convention General Meeting included reports from each chapter president. Well, in 1989, Lynn Oberle, our then co-president, said, “Enough of that. I would rather perform than give a report.” At a board meeting that year, she banded together those who could sing, invited others to join, and the World Wing Warblers were formed. Their debut was at the Houston Convention. They have been warbling off and on at World Wings and Pan Am functions ever since. At this point Carol will interject a personal note, as she is a Warbler. “I am certain that without a doubt, the most memorable moment for the Warblers was when we sang at the memorial service for all of PAA flight service who had perished in service at Christ Church in Philadelphia in 2000.” The great story that accompanies this performance is that when the organist first saw us, he really did not believe that this small group of ladies was worthy of singing in his church. When he heard us in practice, he rapidly changed his mind. But enough about the Warblers. In addition to founding this fun and entertaining group (who, after hearing the Pan Am 12 Days of Christmas, can forget it!), Lynn has been a tireless contributor of her time, talents and ideas to our chapter for many years. She and her husband, George, were our first co-presidents. This established the model for very successful leadership teams since then. Now we would like to share just a few lines from some of the Panamization that Lynn has done over the years with well known songs.
     We’ll be flying round the mountain when we come…
     Oslo is the place for me. We packed our bags, hats & coats, and headed for this land of boats… World Wings makes the going great (Pan Am commercial).
     Jerry was born under a wand’rin’ star… (Jerry Rand’s roast).
     Thanks for the memories, our dear old Pan Am blue, we’re really missing you. You made the world a better place, and flew the colors true. Pan Am, thank you so much.
    Thank you Lynn, for making World Wings and our chapter a better place.


  3. Helene Hills
    January 26, 2015

    Terry wrote a good story for you, Lynn, and I know there are more!!!! I would like others who read your story to know that you and George were Co-Presidents of our SFO Chapter of World Wings and that you formed the Warblers singing group and wrote (changed!) the words to many of the songs we sang. I thank you for the wonderful experience!!


  4. Barbara Ann Walters
    January 26, 2015

    Hi Lynn, that is a great picture of you! You haven’t changed a bit, just gray hair instead of blonde, me too. I do wish we could see more of one another. . . But we live on opposite sides of the country. Remember when I slipped in your bath tub
    On Christmas Eve and knocked myself out? That was when we were flying out of SFO…long time ago, big memories! We started in a class together in 1949…Take care, lots of love! B.A.


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