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7 thoughts on “

An Independent Woman Takes Flight

  1. Such a well put together memorial to the life and memory of Edwidge! All of us at Pan Am took away a little part of her in experience and character that helped mold us into stronger and more resilient and independent men and women.

  2. Fantastic!!!! You certainly have had a wonderful experience with Pan Am Clipper Crew. Congratulations— You are a very great lady to this day.
    I love you,

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Edwidge’s interview! She certainly had some incredible experiences! For that time period, she seems to have been so independent and fearless! She was also very beautiful – she could easily be mistaken for a 1940’s film star! While we all have our stories of flying with Pan Am, it makes me wish I’d been born a few years earlier!

  4. Thank you, Edwidge, for this fabulous trip down YOUR memory lane! It’s of particular interest to me that even though you flew for only two and a half years, the impact of that brief flying career obviously made a huge impact on your life. Your next career with Delta Steamlines is as exciting as your time with Pan Am. BTW, I don’t know how you escaped being captured by a second husband! You’re quite a gal–smart & gorgeous with an unending spirit of adventure. Thanks to Jocelyn too, for bringing Edwidge into the fold of Clipper Crew!

  5. Fabulous telling of a fabulous life! Thank you, Edwidge, for sharing your experiences with the rest of the Pan Am family. I, too, am very grateful to have worked for Pan Am, traveled the world and met so many interesting people.

  6. I loved this story. Edwidge certainly was ahead of her time. Her story is so fascinating and interesting. She was beautiful then when she was flying and she is just as beautiful today!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Pan Am experiences with us.

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