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  1. Nhat Dang
    April 29, 2015

    I’m Nhat Dang, brother of Tu. I want to add to the story of the Pan Am last flight out. On April 23, 1975 by instinct I walked to the Pan Am office to inquire about the possibility of flying out of Saigon due to the fact that I am a relative of Tu. However the office manager flatly said no since I did not hold a passport. Looking around I saw many Vietnamese with their belongings sitting scattered around the office and an employee handed out Pan Am flight bags to the people. I was in despair walking out the office. The next morning on the 24th I came back to the office again and this time the passengers are ready to board the waiting bus outside of the office. I hastily ran home and found out my mother and sister already gone to the Tan Son Nhat Airport…
    Thank you Bob (Anh Kha, Vietnamese name) for doing an impossible mission to rescue my family.


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