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9 thoughts on “First Pan Am Stewardess to Fly Across the Pacific

  1. Great story! I flew for Pan Am & UAL as a purser for 58 years. Took early retirement at the age of 82! Always out of SFO All Pan Amers should read Robert Gandt’s book “Skygods” for the real story on why Pan Am failed. Hint; Ed Acker

  2. Being an employee of Pan Am from 1942 to 1982, gave me enjoyment and a very good way to spend my vacations in many places. But my family and I were SUBJECT TO LOAD! That meant even though we were seated in the airplane and ready to go, sometimes flight personnel could tell you “We are overbooked”. This happened to us once, our luggage went to Tokyo and we went back home. The next day we were lucky and made the flight and arrived in Tokyo, but the employees there were on strike and we still couldn’t get our luggage! Memories!

  3. Very fascinating to read about the first stewardess at Pan Am !
    I am still flying as a purser more than 45 years and our job has been demoted in every which way but Pan Am will never be replaced by anyone ! Thank you for publishing this article and best wishes ! I will always remain proud of having had the privilege to work with the incomparable airline of the world !

  4. Great article. I am proud and grateful to be part of Pan Am. It is a huge part of my history and memories.

  5. I love this story. I especially like the story of two children meeting years later and falling in love and marrying. I found it so sad that Hope died at a young age; as I read the story I was hoping that she was either still alive or had died at an old age.

    I remember the forced landing in Willimantic, reading about it at the time. I flew with Sam Miller as his copilot decades later. He had been the New York Chief Pilot and left that post so that he could spend his last year as a pilot on the line. My one trip with him was his very last trip. It was a great honor that I had been so fortunate to fly with him, especially on that trip.

  6. What a great article and an amazing woman! My date of hire was 4/78 but I didn’t get any nylons? The best job in the world and based in SFO made it possible to see so many amazing countries with excellent benefits! Glad people like Hope pioneered the way for the rest of us!

  7. Thanks for publishing this. Hope sounds like someone I would love to have known personally. What a unique life she had! By the time I started flying it wasn’t quite as unique or glamorous, but it was still the best job in the world.

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