A Postscript to My Story

“The day of the last flight was Captain Bob Berg’s birthday, though he did not tell anyone until years later.  He also had a brother who was a POW in Vietnam, shot down early in the war and still a prisoner then.  Because of that fact, he was somewhat reluctant about going in and I also was a little concerned because my father-in-law had been Ambassador to Vietnam before the current Ambassador.

Later, Laura Lee Gillespie wrote us the following:”

“Dear Gudrun, Pam, Sioux and Tra,

I reviewed my file box this morning and I came across a hand-held recorder that had a post-it labeled “Bob Berg.” I felt that I should transcribe this recording so you would know what Bob had to say.

“Laura Lee, this is Bob Berg and I’m calling to thank you for my pictures, and for the chance to see you again. I have a feeling — I’ve many times thought — that you people were not truly aware of the actual danger that you were in the whole while. In fact, when I left Manilla I took just enough fuel to go back to Saigon and back to Manila. When we got to Manila they wouldn’t let us land so we went up to Clark and I had enough fuel to get to Manila plus 45 minutes where it was just enough fuel to get back to Clark, so we landed with 15 minutes left of gas and I didn’t bother to tell you people because I figured you’d be worried. It was a very dangerous mission and I was so extremely proud of you all for volunteering and going along with that. Anyway I appreciate your pictures very much. Thanks a lot. Bye Bye.”

I thought you would value these comments and wanted to share them with you.

Laura Lee”

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