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5 thoughts on “

37 Years of Airborne Adventure

  1. Wow my mother in law stewed on dc-6bs on the Carrabian route in the 50’s her name is now Cox but is née Hoefer. We have a bunch of Pan am swizzle sticks, sandwich stabbers & footie cozzies she gave us. This a great site! Lord air travel was so different in the day. As an an old A&P I can say round engines forever!

  2. WE are Pan Am’s women…..and WE can do anything! PS this BA Miller x MIA, IAD and JFK also has a ’52 TD MG….what a coincidence!!!! Happy Trails!!

  3. I can’t imagine being scared of being blown out the aircraft. Now that is bravery, B.A.! Thanks for your contributions that paved the way for those of us who followed you. That 1952 MG suits you well.

  4. I so very much enjoyed the story of B.A. Walters. She is and always was such an astonishing lady. I flew with her quite often, when I was based in MIA, she taught me many things, I respected her professionalism. I also remember how kind she was.
    Great memories.

  5. So interesting and charming. I love how you encapsulated
    and organized all the vignettes. Well put together. Bravo!

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